Empoderando a emprendedores, startups y hoteles independientes para hacer crecer su negocio de alquileres vacacionales

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With over 15 years of combined experience in the hospitality, real estate, software development and consulting sectors, mr.alfred was born with the mission to empower hospitality entrepreneurs across the world by providing them with an array of tools needed to successfully manage their vacation rental businesses.

As a customer focused platform tailored specifically for this unique industry, we not only provide solutions that streamline operations but also ensure that our users can maximize their income potential and benefit from efficient business management.

Alongside our dedicated team of experienced professionals, we provide support and guidance throughout your growth journey at every step of the way. Mediante nuestro potente software de gestión de propiedades puedes con facilidad tomar una decisión informada para tu negocio de alquiler de vacacional: ¡elige mr.alfred!

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Oriol Plana


Natalia Sánchez

Head of Product

Noufida Kunhimoossa

Head of Operations

Bhavya Gandhi

Head of Customer Success

Hasala Rajapaksha

Account Manager

Harsha Middleton

Business Development Executive

Lama Abou Malham

Sales Development Representative

Sameer Ayoub

Full Stack Developer

Imanol Romera

Full Stack Developer

Ashik Nasir Khan

Social Media Marketer

Suhail Vakkayil

Video Producer

Vanessa Palermo

Content Agent

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