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Why consider investing in a holiday property?

the middle east has been inspiring tourists to visit for hundreds of years. the combination of rich history, incredible food, holiday properties, and varied culture naturally attracts those looking for adventure.

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the middle east tourism market is expected to be valued at us$ 400.71 billion by 2032.

The Middle East is expected to emerge as one of the world’s most competitive landscapes offering value tourism and conference experiences to a worldwide customer base. The MENA region never failed to show resilience in hotel performance indicators when compared to the rest of the world. For example, Dubai is one of the cities in the Middle East that are extremely open to inviting tourists from all over the world. Summer in Dubai is not expensive; in fact, summer season is the lowest due to extreme weather conditions.

Short term vs Long term

The holiday homes and tourist apartments are rising to be the most preferred option for travelers who look for the comfort of a home outside of their own. That is especially true after the pandemic has started in 2019, when the need of properly sanitized areas, social distancing, and bigger living areas has risen. It is no surprise that many people are now opting to rent out short-term homes rather than staying in hotel rooms. With short-term homes, guests can minimize interactions with people, stay in a larger space at competitive prices, and get access to amenities such as stovetops, full-sized fridges, and even private pools.

Middle East residential investors are keener to purchase holiday homes than their global counterparts, according to the 2021 Knight Frank Global Buyer Survey.

Short term vs Long term

if you're contemplating the idea of turning your property into a holiday home, read along to find out the benefits of such an investment.

If you’re worried about the management of your holiday home, and think that following-up on reservations, bookings, maintenance, and check-ins could be time-consuming for you, always remember that there are great property managers who could do the job from A to Z, with cost-effective plans.

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Managing holiday homes is not a simple task. Most often property managers tend to make use of a property management system that will help them ease out the process. But how can someone choose the best PMS for their business?

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